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Our mission is to match you with the perfect Great Dane companion, whether you’re seeking a loyal friend, a gentle giant for your family, or a show-quality Dane.

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Our Mission

We’re a family-owned Great Danes breeding business nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Oregon! Join us in welcoming these majestic creatures into your life and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Delivering Exquisite Great Danes

We prioritize delivering exceptional Great Danes that embody the breed’s standards through careful breeding and meticulous selection.

Nurturing Happy, Healthy Companions

We foster a loving environment and ensure the physical and emotional well-being of our Great Danes, resulting in well-tempered and joyful companions.

Building Lifelong Connections

We establish trust with our clients through transparent communication, honest practices, and ongoing support, creating lifelong relationships with our puppy owners.

Safeguarding Great Dane Heritage

We are committed to preserving the distinctive traits and maintaining the integrity of the Great Dane breed for future generations to enjoy and appreciate.


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